IPM 2018

From Tuesday 28 January until Friday January 31st 2020 you will find us on IPM in Essen!
IPM 2020 Fruithof

Plantarium 2019 & Autumn Fair Groen-Direkt

From Wednesday 21 August until Friday August 23th 2019 the international trade fair Plantarium takes place in Boskoop. You can find us at stand number 217. You can easily combine your visit with a visit to the Groen-Direkt fall fair. This will also take place from Wednesday 21 August until Friday August 23th. See you in August!

Plantarium 2018

Company movie Fruithof

Want to see more of our nursery? Watch this beautiful company movie!

Fruithof Biologisch

New: Organic fruit plants

In the cultivation process of organic plants natural fertilizers and pesticides are used exclusively to grow the plant as natural as possible. Vegetable and animal materials are used in the proces. In this way the plants have a sustainability deal with everything that lives. Organic fruit plants are available spring 2017. We start with an assortment of berries, later this range will be expanded with our other products.

Wim Kersten on TV LifestyleXperience

Sunday 21th juni 2015 Wim Kersten was in the television program LifestyleXperience on RTL4. Unfortunately, no English translation, but beautiful images of our nursery.

New in our assortment: the Family tree with five varieties on one tree

Family tree Fruithof

The family tree is unique in the Netherlands and exclusivly obtainable at Fruithof:

  • FIVE varieties on one single tree
  • Good pollination: varieties pollinate each other
  • Long picking time: the different varieties are ripe at different times
  • Tasty fruits from a young age
  • Remains small by regular pruning

Fruithof wins TuinZaken Retail Award

On Thursday, February 6, 2014 has Fruithof recieved the Garden Retail Business Award 2013 in the category of best supplier ‘Green outside’. The magazine Garden Business Magazine annually presents this award for the best product or concept in various categories. The jury, consisting of several garden centers in the Netherlands, was impressed by our beautiful attractive label, good image of our entire concept of fruit trees and plants and the promotional activities that we organize in the garden centers.

Fruithof MPS-A certified

Fruithof is MPS-A gecertificeerd!Since October 2013 Fruithof is MPS-A certified. MPS stands for More Profitable Sustainability. This means that we grow our fruit plants and trees in a very sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. We meet several strict environmental requirements in the areas of crop protection, fertilizer, water and energy. The certificate works with the qualifications A, B and C. The greater the environmental performance, the higher the qualification. The ‘A-qualification’ is the highest qualification; we are therefore very proud that we have achieved this qualification.

Construction of new fields

Fruithof expands! We are working hard right now to new fields so that we can grow even more plants. The construction of the fields is done by using the latest techniques. The fields are equipped with a highly efficient ebb & flow system in which no water is lost, and that creating an optimal water supply for the plants.