Covering an area of ​​about thirteen acres Fruithof may rightly be called a wholesaler. We supply more than 150 different varieties and the large stocks by species, we are able to deliver large numbers in a short time.

In cooperation with several major players in the market, we deliver annually thousands of trees for promotion purposes. These large sale promotions can for example consist of 300 carts of our led fruittrees or 400 carts with ‘small fruits’ like berries. Almost the entire number of them go abroad. Of course it’s also possible to do these kinds of promotions in the Netherlands.. If you are interested in an action based cooperation, please contact us.

If you’re a wholesaler yourself, and on behalf of your customers order from us, it will probably be very important to you that you are getting the trade delivered as efficiently as possible with minimum work for you. We can supply our goods allmost completely to your needs. For example a customized packing slip on which the account numbers of your customers mentioned. We always try to place the total order of your customer as much as possible on the same cart, so you have very little work repacking the orders.

In order to provide everybody with correct and up to date information we work with the extensive automation program Match-online.

Match OnlinePlantConnectFloraXchange

Adding for example PlantConnect and FloraXchange to our automation, our availibilatie is accessible 24/7. Not only for our customers but also for the customers of our customer. This way, the communication lines are short and the ordering process is guaranteed.

Of course, it is also possible to directly receive our assortment by mail. Every week you will receive an orderform and a mail with special items and/or ones that are visualy attractive at that time. The lists we send can be adjusted to your system with CSV, Excel or quotes so they can easily be used in your automation. All this based on the FlorEcom standards.