Fruithof is a supplier of a complete fruit concept for garden centers in Holland and abroad. Our fruit concept goes beyond just delivering good plants . You can contact us for more than 150 different varieties. Our marketing concept consists of beautiful presentation tables , sleek banners and colourfull labels. We also offer several other promotional materials and we provide ‘fruit days’ at garden centers . Good advice also needs to be a part of this. To support this even further , consumers can get information on about all kinds of fruit business.

Presentation Tables

Fruithof Presentation TablesThe presentation of your business makes a big difference in sales. By using our presentation tables with racks you ensure that your trees and plants will not tip over and that they are always neat and properly presented. The tables can be logically arranging letting you have a good overview of your stock and allow you to reorder easily. Because of this there is no need for a large stock. The plants are prepared just before shipping, so the presentation remains tight and organized.

The watering of the plants is easy by the ebb and flow system in the table. This way of presenting ensures that the fruit trees and plants remain fresh which benefits te throughoutput . The plants almost sell themselves.


The presentation tables are provided with banners. The banners are available in two variants , namely with the text ” ‘Fruit is het lekkerste eten en drinken’’ and without this text. In the Netherlands and Dutch-speaking Belgium we deliver the banners with text and for the all rest we provide the banners without text.

Fruithof banner
Fruithof banner


All our fruit trees and fruit plants have a colourful label that have the same appearance as the banners on the tables. All labels have a playful flap on the front with a nice “fruit spell” and on the back side an example of application. On the label there is an explanation in four languages (Dutch, English, French and German) ​​about the product. The labels feature unique barcodes for POS systems and a QR code that provides access to our consumer website It will show the consumer information on all our plants and various other fun fruit business. Also, every label has a letter code that corresponds with our price tags that can be used on the banner. This saves you a lot of time pricing the plants and trees yourself .

Labels Fruithof

Marketing material

Above options you can further complement with our pollination tables, posters with pruning advice and various other informational posters. This gives you the total package and now you are ready for a successful sales.
Fruithof promotiemateriaal

Fruit Days

Still not enough promotional tools? Then think about what a ‘fruit day ‘ can do for you . By putting fruits in the spotlight you stimulate sales directly . The Fruithof would like to work with you on such promotional activities.

Fruithof Fruitdagen